Fundraising Tips

Every penny raised goes directly to fund research and find a cure. No overheads, no admin.

The ride itself is tough, but sometimes it is the fund raising that can seem to be the hardest thing to get going. To provide you with a bit of help if needed, we have drafted a series of letters or emails that you can use to send to your friends, family, customers, colleagues, suppliers and anyone else you can think of.

The idea is to send each email round with a week or two between them so that people get a feeling for the training and build up to the ride. Remember that these drafts are just a starting point and we recommend that you personalise them as much as possible. The more personal the message the more likely that you will touch the reader's emotions.


  • Personalise the drafts so that they are yours! Add in your training experiences or cycling stories.
  • Consider if any of your co-riders may be using the drafts to send to the same group of people - might be worth a chat with them up front.
  • Use all your social networking routes (twitter; linkedin; facebook; google+; etc)
  • If your employer has a £-for-£ matching scheme, make sure you register if needed so that you can make the most from the money you raise.
  • If you need any other details or updates, just drop us an email.

Good luck, and good luck fundraising!

Fundraising Draft Documents

The drafts are available to download here in both MS Word and PDF formats.