So where is the money going?

Every penny raised goes directly to fund research and find a cure. No overheads, no admin.

Since starting the GIM cycling event in 2010, our riders have raised over £500,000.00 for research into Crohns and Colitis disease.

The funds raised in 2010 and 2011 have gone to fund research at University College Hospital in London. Due to the generous support of our sponsoring companies, we are able to pass on the full amount of any monies raised. All the costs of the ride are covered through our sponsors.

Since 2012 we have expanded our sponsorship of research studies in a number of hospitals across the country, but all with the same goal.

A great example is the UCH program, where the research is asking a simple question: Do Crohn's sufferers have a greater amount of fat around the blood vessels that surround the bowel than you or I and whether, by reducing the fat content of their diet, they can reduce the effects of this disease.

With the money already raised, we have funded a research programme into fat wrapping around the bowel. The results of this on-going research strongly suggest that changes to diet combined with an increase of Omega 3 make a significant difference to the onset of Crohn's. The results from the study is yet to be finalised, but it may conclude that diet doesn't have enough of a meaningful impact on Crohn's but initial studies suggests that it might and it could lead to adjustments in drug treatments as well. Thanks to you, we'll have a clearer picture a couple of years from now.

In addition, the money has funded an international pharmacy fellowship at UCH, a probiotic study based at Oxford University Hospital Trust (looking at the use of probiotics as treatment in irritable bowel diseases) and a genetics research programme based out of Addenbrokes Hospital. As you can see, the money raised has made a very significant difference to the momentum of research into Crohn's and Colitis in this country.

The money raised in 2018 will continue on this journey and fund further research into causes and ultimately cures for Crohns. As we have more details, we will let you know.

The funds raised are all in the name of our charity, Crohn's and Colitis in Childhood (registered 1000648).